Suck It Up Buttercup



Like a lot of people, at the beginning of this year I was all excited about a fresh start, new goals, making 2018 the best year ever. i had a plan and goal books and determination. What could go wrong?  Then i got ill and for weeks i could barely manage the essentials like getting my kids to school and keeping up with the day to day stuff, let alone accomplish major goals and put the work in to become the best version of my self that i had planned for 2018. I was tired, ill and pissed off.  And I tried to pull myself together, I tried to eat better, get more sleep etc. But I just kept slipping back, in fact in the last few weeks things seemed to be getting progressively worse. I literally felt as if my life was spiralling out o control, that the universe must really hate me cos nothing was going right. I tried rejoining a slimming group to lose weight,couldn’t get my head in the game, I tried dating that went badly wrong(story for another time),. So here I am in the middle of April having started this blog to prove that you can have an amazing life, no matter what and currently feeling life my life sucks big style. But you know what? That is life, sometimes its great and sometimes it sucks. As an old friend often used to tell me Suck It Up Buttecup cos that’s just the way it is.. And he’s right of course. But it doesn’t mean I have to just give up cos ya know, we’re almost 4 months into the year. What’s the point? You cna’t make this the best year every now. It can’t be magical and amazing when you’ve wasted so much time. WELL HELL YEAH IT CAN BE and IT WILL BE. Just gotta up my game from this moment on.

Just Decide

So you wake up on January 1st and noting has changed, despite all the promises to yourself that this year will be different you feel exactly the same as you did last year(yesterday). Of course you do. It’s not going to happen over night. you need to put in the work to make this year your most magical ever. but where do we start.  We start at the very beginning and at the end(it will make sense soon). Here’s my guide to beginning your magical year:

  1. First and most important is mindset. There is no point in doing anything else unless you first believe. Just decide with no doubts that this will be your most magically, awesome amazing year ever.
  2. Decide what that means to you. What do you want to achieve, who do you want to become., what needs to happen for this to be your best year ever. One of the best ways to do this is to imagine its the end of 2018, who are you now, what achievements are you proud of, what amazing things happened?
  3. Make a record of all your goals, this could be in a journal or your phone or tablet but I absolutely love Leonie Dawsons My Shining Year Life workbook.  Its amazing, it literally helps you to sort out and define your goals for every area of you life. I definitely recommend it as a must have item.
  4. Breakdown you goals into smaller steps and set some deadlines for achieving them.
  5. Just decide to take a step, just decide to do one small thing to get you nearer to your goals.

Good Luck