2018 My Most Magical Year Ever.

Despite having the idea of starting a blog for along time i have been putting it off for a while now.I mean what is it’s rubbish? or if no one reads it? But the idea keeps coming back to me and as its 1st Jam 2018 it seems like a good time to start.. So here I am.

Now just to be clear I’m not a life coach or self help guru, I’m just me.. I’m starting this year having spent the last month or so shovelling crap into my mouth and putting on a stone in weight I’m having a massive spot breakout, I’m tired all the time and I feel like crap. but I do believe that I can fix all that and make 2018 my most magical year ever. I don’t believe that getting older means you can’t be awesome and live an amazing life. But it won’t happen on it’s own you have to be prepared to do the work. And this blog is an honest record of my wild and crazy journey to a magical life.

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